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News from Nuclear Waste Services: NWS responds to council’s withdrawal from South Holderness Working Group

February 22, 2024

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has upheld a motion to withdraw from the GDF Siting Process

East Riding of Yorkshire Council confirms its withdrawal from the South Holderness Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) Working Group following a decision taken at a full council meeting on 21 February.

Nuclear Waste Services (NWS) fully respects the council’s decision to withdraw from the GDF siting process. Together with the Working Group Chair, NWS will now take the necessary steps to wind down the South Holderness Working Group and respond to outstanding requests for more information.

Since the launch NWS has met with over 1200 people and would like to thank those that have given up their time to learn more about the GDF Programme.

NWS will continue to engage with the other three Community Partnerships currently involved in the GDF siting process and will consider other communities who are interested in learning more about this vital project and the benefits and opportunities it could bring.

A GDF is internationally recognised by governments and scientists as the only viable permanent solution for the safe disposal of higher-activity radioactive waste in the long-term. It involves isolating the waste deep underground in suitable geological formations, placing it in highly engineered vaults and tunnels, to keep it safe and secure over the many thousands of years it will take for the radioactivity to naturally reduce.

The Government’s GDF Siting Process in England and Wales is consent-based and requires NWS to identify both a suitable site and a willing host community. As part of NWS’ role to find a host community for a GDF, the South Holderness GDF Working Group was established to begin a conversation with the people of South Holderness about the possibility of hosting a GDF.

Three Community Partnerships are currently engaged in the GDF Siting Process, two in Cumbria, Mid-Copeland and South-Copeland, and one in Lincolnshire, Theddlethorpe.